About Afristar Foundation

Teacher helping children with learning disability

We are committed to the welfare of children with learning disabilities, particularly Autism which is yet to be fully recognized in Africa as a disability but is often construed as a physical manifestation of spiritual attack on the parents of the sufferers.

In some extreme cases, children with Autism have been accused of witchcraft and been doused with acid while some have been brutally attacked and sent away by their families, sometimes as young as age 4.

Adults with learning disabilities are often perceived as "Mad" and abandoned by their families due to the stigma attached to having a "mad" relative. These people end up walking the streets aimlessly, vulnerable and exposed to illness and diseases. Some are forced to look for food from refuse dump and seek shelter at abandoned building sites, while some have fallen victims of ritual killings.

Helping adults with Learning Disability

Worse still, most African Governments are yet to pass a bill recognizing Autism or any other learning disability. Legislations such as the Mental Capacity Act that protect Autistic people are non-existent in most African countries, hence our determination to intervene through this foundation by providing support for children and Adults with special needs and their families.

To uphold their human rights, to provide education, to offer care and to assist them be the best they can be, in spite of their disabilities.

Afristar Foundation is focused on Youth development, Sports, Culture and the preservation of African heritage. We support young people with fewer opportunities within the community by providing skills acquisition training and mentoring to help them maximise their potentials and we support aged people within the African community who are going through isolation.

We work with statutory organisations within Greater Manchester, providing expert advice and contributing to a more cohesive community.


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