Afristar Foundation


Our Focus Areas

Our Work

To provide a support network for Africans living with learning disability and their families, especially due to cultural and religious belief which portrays learning disability as taboo and often lead to severe abuse and neglect.

Advocating the rights of children and adults with learning disability in Africa.

Facilitating training and support services for parents and teachers of children with Autism and other learning disability in Africa

Creating a suitable and conducive learning environment for children with learning disability in Africa by setting up special schools with modern learning and play equipments for children with learning disability in Africa.

Creating awareness in the communities with the Aim of changing attitude and perception to a more positive one.

Helping young adults with learning disability develop skills and useful vocations and to live as independently as possible without prejudice.

To pressure Government across Africa to make legislation that protect vulnerable children and adult suffering from learning disability.

Supporting Adults with learning disability in their homes and setting up hospices to cater to the needs of Adults with learning disability who have been abandoned by their families.

Youth development through training, mentorship and sports

To promote African heritage, culture and the arts.

To support the aged within the community and prevent isolation.

To promote equality, equity and community cohesion.


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